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dreams interio
Interior Design Studio

DREAMS INTERIO is a renowned, multidisciplinary design firm, launched in Mumbai in 2007, under the visionary leadership of Principal Architects Shadab Khan and Shoaib Ghoury. Recognized as one in every of India's top 10 Architectural and Interior Design Firms, DREAMS INTERIO boasts a rich portfolio of award-prevailing projects.

Expanding its footprint, the organization now operates in Madhya Pradesh, serving cities like Jabalpur, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Katni, Rewa, and Satna. With a dedicated team of 65 experts, DREAMS INTERIO maintains to set new standards in progressive and sustainable design.

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact
dreams interio
dreams interio
architect shoaib ghoury



Head Office: +918286685935

Jabalpur Branch: +919827324335

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